Orthotherapy at Détente Santé du Plateau L’Escapade: Increasing Demand

For Muscle Relief

Orthotherapy is an ultramodern profession, whose goal is to relieve muscle pain and joint stiffness often caused by problems with posture, sudden movements or even a lack of physical activity. Orthotherapy is considered to be an alternative medicine. It is among the most prominent of direct techniques, because it is non-violent and intervention by machines is reduced to a minimum.

Treat Pain

Orthotherapy treats pain but does not heal organic diseases, as that is not our area of expertise. Our focus is on improving flexibility and alignment, relieving cramping and relaxing the body. We begin with a Swedish massage that is slow, deep, relaxing and intramuscular, and then apply other techniques, including kinesitherapy, corrective exercise, and finally, mechanotherapy.

Using these techniques, the orthotherapist can bring about an increase in the warmth and circulation of blood, promote muscular flexibility, flush toxins and re-establish well-being.

Alternative Medicine: an Increasing Popularity

The demand for alternative medicines is increasing. This new philosophy requires us to look into the cause of illness – poisons, pollution and stress – and then treat these causes directly. In addition to employing massage as an important technique, the orthotherapist uses kinesitherapy, including mobilization of the painful member through the PAC method, which involves passive, active and contrary movement.

The orthotherapist is also well versed in various treatment techniques, including reflexology, isometrics, myofascial stretching, shiatsu and many others.

Phytotherapy and aromatherapy (treatment by plants and essential oils) and the rules of balanced nutrition round out the orthotherapist’s knowledge. Orthotherapy is an increasing popular alternative medicine that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2005.

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